Founded in 2006, HANOITC EQUIPMENT JSC operating in the field of water/wastewater treatment, Geology, Minerals, Hydro-Meteorology, Oceanography, Environmental, Bio-Medical, Educational, Agriculture - Forestry, Transport. As the Representative of many Manufacturers in the world, HANOITC EQUIPMENT JSC to became the leadership position in the Vietnam market and is striving to reach the International market.

HANOITC EQUIPMENT JSC, a member of HANOITC Group, is established to meet increasingly high demands for technical equipments and services in the country and South East Asia market in the progress of development and integration into global economy. The targets of  HANOITC EQUIPMENT JSC are always maintained and promoted: looking for high-quality instruments and equipment of the world; training company’s staff with professional knowledge to meet the clients’ demand in the fields:  Meteorology, Hydrology, Oceanography, Water and Air Environment, Geology, Mineral Resources, Medicine, Education, Agriculture, Forestry and Transportation.

As a representative for many foreign famous manufacturers, HANOITC EQUIPMENT JSC has confirmed its position in Vietnam’s market early and been trying to access to Asian countries’ markets. Equipments supplied by the company are always updated, at the same time, our technical staff are always trained to keep up with the advanced scientific and technical  development and innovations all over the world.





Module  4: SERVICES


A well designed wastewater plant starts with your effluent requirements and an energy efficient biological process. HANOITC has multiple process options to match your application and preference. HANOITC’s process equipment will give you the effluent quality you need and the foundation for a successful wastewater plant.

BioTreater™ Biological Treatment and Clarification System

The BioTreater™ Biological Treatment and Clarification System combines the biological treatment system and clarification into a compact design utilizing common wall construction. The biological treatment is located at the periphery in a ring-shaped area while the clarification stage is in the central region. The treatment system is fully expandable for complete biological nutrient removal. The system can also be designed to incorporate aerobic sludge holding, flow equalization, post aeration and chlorine contact chamber.





OxyStream™ Oxidation Ditch

The OxyStream™ Oxidation Ditch system combines slow speed surface aerators with an oxidation ditch design based on site-specific conditions and our proprietary hydraulic model. 

The oxidation ditch has been proven effective in extended aeration applications throughout the world. The extended aeration process provides buffer capacity against variable loading and a clear, predictable effluent. The use of a surface aerator in an oxidation ditch optimizes both oxygen transfer efficiency and pumping capacity.

HANOITC has adapted the OxyStream™ to meet different levels of effluent quality. Due to the large volume of the oxidation ditch, nitrification can be expected at every installation. The addition of anaerobic, pre-anoxic, and post-anoxic biological selectors creates a multiple stage process that can meet the most stringent nutrient limits. HANOITC has several installations achieving low total nitrogen and low total phosphorus limits.

API Oil / Water Separator Overview:

Designed according to API 421, API Oil / Water Separators combine state-of-the-art separation, skimming and sludge transport technologies into a highly efficient primary oil separation device.

Removing the bulk of free oils and greases from the plant wastewater stream reduces overloading and other problems in downstream treatment processes. API Oil / Water Separators are the right choice for general refinery wastewater, tank wash, bilge and ballast water, desalter waste, as well as storm wastewater run-off.

Unique ability to combine a vast experience base in liquid solids separation technology delivers the highest level of process performance and unsurpassed equipment quality.

HANOITC API Oil / Water Separator internals are easily configured to fit existing tanks for an effective retrofit, improving performance and extending the life of the equipment.


DAF/DNF Clarifiers and Thickeners Overview:

HANOITC builds a complete line of Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and Dissolved Nitrogen Flotation (DNF) equipment for both municipal and industrial applications. The equipment incorporates many superior designs, both mechanical and operational.

Dissolved Air/Nitrogen Flotation is used in applications where the specific gravity of the solids or contaminants is very close to or less than 1.0. Dissolved air or nitrogen provides the driving force for separation. The gas is dissolved into a liquid (water) under pressure in a specially designed saturation tank. The saturated liquid flows under pressure to the mechanism. The pressure is then released by the back pressure control valve near the influent.






AltaFilter™ Ultrafiltration System Overview:

The AltaFilter™ Ultrafiltration Membrane System is an advanced filtration process used by municipalities and industries alike to produce high quality drinking and process water.

How it Works:

Membrane filtration is the process of removing particulate matter across a physical barrier. Particles larger than the pore opening of the membrane barrier are retained on the membrane surface while clean water and dissolved components pass through. The AltaFilter Ultrafiltration System is a low pressure, ultrafiltration membrane that removes particulate matter as small as individual viruses.

SuperSettler™ Lamella Plate Clarifier Overview:

The efficient design of the SuperSettler™ Lamella Plate Clarifier utilizes lamella plates and shallow depth sedimentation to minimize the clarifier footprint. Pioneered by Nordic Water Products, the SuperSettler is available in both inclined plate packs and stand-alone settler units.

SuperSettler™ Plate Packs

Our inclined plate packs are designed for installation on support beams in rectangular concrete basins. After the inlet flow enters the basin it is directed to inlet ports on the side of each inclined plate. Outlet launders at the top of the plate packs collect the clarified water as solids settle out on the plates and then the basin floor. The ZICKERT Shark™ is an ideal sludge removal device for SuperSettler basins.



LANDY-7 Surface Aerator:

The most recent advancement to surface aerator technology can be seen in the LANDY-7 impeller. The Landy impellers have always incorporated a sturdy design with zero failures due to cracked, sheared, or broken impeller blades. This new impeller increases oxygen transfer efficiency and reduces axial and radial loads. The LANDY-7 provides a guaranteed minimum efficiency of 3.8 pounds of oxygen per horsepower hour 

STM-Aerotor™ Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) System:

The STM-Aerotor™ Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) System uses Integrated Fixed Film and Activated Sludge (IFAS) technology as part of a process that provides biological nutrient removal for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

BioDoc® Trickling Filter Rotary Distributor Overview: 

The BioDoc® Trickling Filter Rotary Distributor is a patented system for optimizing the performance of trickling filters. It consists of a motor drive, a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a flexible program of speed variation designed for individual treatment plants. If power to the unit is stopped due to outage or interruption, the motor disengages the gearing, allowing the unit to spin hydraulically until power is restored.  With the dosing rate optimized, the trickling filter can become the most efficient process equipment in the plant, and plant performance overall is greatly improved


HydroDoc™ Trickling Filter Rotary Distributor Overview:

The HydroDoc™ Trickling Filter Rotary Distributor is the most efficient and best operating rotary distributor available anywhere. Trickling filters can be a reliable part of the efficient operations of wastewater treatment plants. The HydoDoc™ is completely hydraulically driven, just like our Standard Rotary Distributor.

The HydroDoc™ has automatically adjusting gates which are pneumatically controlled to open and close the orifices in equal proportion on both sides of the distributor arms. A sensor on the center assembly transmits speed readings to the control box, which automatically adjusts the speed to match the preset operational or flushing program. As flow to the trickling filter varies, the speed is maintained by automatically adjusting the gates over the orifices.

COP™ Spiral Blade Clarifier:


The WesTech COP™ Spiral Blade Clarifier is the result of research and design focus on building a better clarifier. Each COP Spiral Blade Clarifier is designed for the specific process requirements of each plant. Proprietary algorithmic computer programs are utilized and further refined to result in a clarifier that provides high performance, and is of benefit to plant operations overall. An acronym for Clarifier Optimization Package, this highly efficient clarifier design utilizes nine key design parameters to optimize the physical forces and limitations occurring in any clarifier to achieve superior performance:

1. Scum Removal

2. Basin Configuration

3. Density Current Baffle

4. Flocculating Feedwell

5. Energy Dissipating Inlet (EDI)


6. Spiral Rake Blades

7. Center Column

8. Sludge Withdrawal Ring

9. Effluent Launder Covers

Horizontal Belt Filter Overview:


Horizontal Belt Filters provide a continuous vacuum on a horizontal plane. Slurries are fed onto a filter cloth supported by a traveling drainage belt. Horizontal belt filters are especially adaptable to applications where low cake moisture is desirable.

Backed by extensive practical experience gained from a wide range of applications worldwide, We offers a complete engineering and contracting service to the liquid/solids separation industry. Horizontal belt vacuum filters have been developed and improved in mechanical design by working closely with engineers and operators at many key installations.

Industrial Drive Unit Overview:


Clarifier and thickener drive units provide the rotational force necessary to turn the rake arms in a circular basin. The rotating rake arms transport settled solids to the center of the tank for removal. Because drive units are applied in water and wastewater treatment plants, as well as industrial facilities, We has developed a premium drive unit for each application. Our drive units can be designed for torque requirements from 1,000ft-lbs to 6,000,000ft-lbs

CleanFlo™ Monoscreen® Fine Screen:


The CleanFlo™ Monoscreen® Fine Screen provides high efficiency wastewater screening in a cost effective design that is easy to maintain. 

The durable drive system uses few moving parts with no chains or submerged bearings to minimize maintenance.  Its low profile design allows easy access and inspection. 

The Monoscreen improves upon the traditional filter step screen design using a progressive step shape and motion that minimizes flow surges during operation and more evenly distributes the screenings on the face of the unit.  The result is a Screenings Capture Ratio (SCR) of 82.5%, one of the highest solids removal efficiencies available for enhanced protection of downstream pumps and equipment. 

CleanFlo™ MultiRake Bar Screen:

The WesTech CleanFlo™ MultiRake Bar Screen is a mechanically cleaned screen that is ideal for inlet works of treatment plants, pumping stations and water inlet structures. The screen captures solid materials which would otherwise be harmful to downstream equipment.

CleanFlo™ Rotoscreen® Fine Screen 


CleanFlo™ Rotoscreen® is a self-cleaning fine screen for separation of solids from water. The screen has a very low flow resistance which results in a low head loss.  This is an advantage at installations in open channels.

CleanFlo™ Rotoscreen® is manufactured in different models depending on the discharge height. All models are available in different widths to fit into channels of various sizes.  The screens are fully-enclosed and equipped with a ventilation pipe

CleanFlo™ Spiral Screen

WesTech CleanFlo™ Spiral Screens provide efficient, economical screening for plants with flows less than 10 MGD. Screening, conveying and compaction are all performed by one drive motor. The stainless steel screen panel is automatically cleaned by long-wearing segmented brushes attached to a one-piece shaftless spiral auger.

CleanWash™ Screenings Washer


The WesTech CleanWash™ Screenings Washer is capable of producing light gray, relatively odorless product without using expensive, maintenance-intensive mechanical agitators





HANOITC EQUIPMENT JSC not only provides a variety of products for domestic and regional markets, but also cooperates closely with machine and equipment providers, research organizations, experts in the world to consult users how to choose technological solutions and the most  advanced and preeminent equipments for particular applications. This contributes to making the technological gap between Vietnam and developed countries in the world shorter.

Technology transfer:


HANOITC EQUIPMENT JSC has selected a staff of technicians trained professionally in well-known universities in Vietnam and in the world. The staff has been also trained further with techniques in the factories of foreign manufacturing firms, together with Technique Consultancy Board including leading officers from Scientific Research Institutes and Centre belonging to related industries. It is to make sure that the company will supply users with the most perfect training services, technology transfer, assist users to take the most advantages of provided equipments…

Warranty, maintenance services:


All products provided by HANOITC EQUIPMENT JSC are under standard warranty of manufacturers. The maximum warranty time can reach 3 – 5 years since delivery date.

During the warranty time, all breakdowns resulted from manufacturers’ fault will be fixed, replaced free of charge. To ensure that machines and equipments will work constantly, avoid bad effects on the whole system’ s operation, HANOITC EQUIPMENT JSC will assign staff come to deal with problems within 48 hours since handling the complaint.

When the warranty time is over, HANOITC EQUIPMENT JSC promises to provide maintain services, replacing devices and machines with preferential price within 5 years since delivery date.

In the case of breakdown machines and equipments, users can call the company’s hotline. The staff on the hotline is in charge of consulting, assisting customers to deal with normal problems in the process of operation, guiding users take some tests to find out the problems’ causes, repair and make the machines and equipments work well in the shortest time.